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May/June 2008 Military History Cover
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Cover Story: A Line in the Sand
By David T. Zabecki
Fighting for its very existence during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel routed Syria in one of history’s greatest tank battles

The Spirit of New Orleans
By John C. McManus
In 1815 a ragtag American army prevailed against the British

The Right Hand of Khan
By Richard A. Gabriel
General Subotai’s Mongols overran Eastern Europe in 1241

Wars That Won the World
By Williamson Murray
How European warfare drove the West to global dominance

Santa Anna Rides Again…and Again
By Stephen L. Hardin
An 1838 squabble over pastries redeemed the disgraced general

Portfolio: Threads of War
In Afghanistan, traditional handwoven “war rugs” reflect a people’s pain


Letter from the Editor


Frank Buckles: Last of the Doughboys

What We Learned…
from the Battle of Britain

Charles Hazlitt Upham: Kiwi Grenade Launcher

Hand Tool
Hunga munga

Power Tool
Charleville musket



Hallowed Ground
Agincourt, France

War Games

Weapons We’re Glad They Never Built
Gatling’s Repeating Riflemen



Discussion: Given his long career and his 70-odd large-scale victories, would it be fair to call Subotai one of history’s most underrated military geniuses? Link

Sacrificial Stand in the Golan Heights

Andrew Jackson: Leading the Battle of New Orleans

Mongol Invasions: Battle of Liegnitz