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Cover Story
Gung Ho: The Makin Raid’s Strange Legacy
Scores of heroes emerged from a disastrous marine assault in the Pacific
By Steven Trent Smith

Spy Class 101
In an obscure corner of Canada, the Brits taught warfare’s dark arts to American agents
By David Stafford

Orde Wingate in Ethiopia
The eccentric guerrilla warfare pioneer restored a king to his throne in 1941
By Gay Jervey

Capa in Color
The famed war photographer did pretty as well as he did gritty

Nazis in Manhattan? Call the Mafia
When the SS Normandie went up in flames in 1942, New Yorkers made a deal with the devil to protect their waterfront
By Lorraine B. Diehl

Weapons Manual
Flattops to the Rescue
Essex-class carriers turned the tide of the Pacific war
By Max Gadney



World War II Today
Deadly British blunder; D-Day auction; Donald Miller

Edward J. Drea on Japan’s Imperial Army
By Gene Santoro

War Letters
Snow at the Bulge
By Andrew Carroll

Unknown Soldiers
Russian rocket scientist
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
By Peter Bennett

Hell to Pay; Rommel’s Desert War; The Saboteur

What If…
…Franco’s Spain Had Entered the War?
By Mark Grimsley

Gung Ho!—the movie