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Breaking in the Mustang
By General F. Michael Rogers, as told to Jon Guttman
Remembered today as the best all-around fighter of WWII, the P-51 had some serious teething problems.

Mr. Stewart Goes to War
By Richard L. Hayes
Jimmy Stewart considered his WWII service as a B-24 Liberator pilot one of the greatest experiences of a wonderful life.

Midair Over the Grand Canyon
By Tim Queeney
A tragic airliner collision resulted in safer American skies.

America’s First Homegrown Ace
By Michael D. Hull
“Hat in the Ring” pilot Douglas Campbell became the first American-trained flier to down a German in WWI.

The Blackbirds Take Wing
By Phil Scott
“Race pilot” William Powell believed promoting black aviation was key to achieving equality.

Over-the-Shoulder A-Bombing
By David Rust
Cold War F-84G pilots improvised a surprising twist on bomb delivery.




By Dick Smith
A mammoth B-36 dominates an Arizona museum.

By Stephan Wilkinson
Britain’s TSR-2 was the James Dean of airplanes.


By Andy Chan, John Gong & Michael R. Little
Chinese-American fighter ace Art Chin overcame adversity.

Letter From Aviation History


Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

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In “Breaking in the Mustang” in the March 2011 issue, the North American P-51 is called “the best all-around fighter of World War II.” Do you agree, and if not, what fighter would you choose? Click here to share your comments.