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A Port in the Storm
The surge of secession provokes an ocean of worry in Annapolis.
By Mike Clem

Growing Pains
With all that bickering in the East, no wonder the West was so inviting.

The Anti-Politician
If only they ran campaigns now the way Lincoln ran his then.
By Harold Holzer

Grant’s Bridges to Victory
Over the rivers and through the woods, to Petersburg we go.
By Dana B. Shoaf

The Other Battle of Calcasieu Pass
Fighting Rebels is one thing; but how do you fight love and win?
By Jim Bradshaw

Knights in Binding Armor
It sure looked good on paper, but wearing it was a weightier matter.
By David McCormick

Fight Songs
It’s got a good beat—and you can march to it.



Open Fire!
Civil War News and History

Five Questions
Marking the war, start to finish.

Anecdotes, Legends & Lies
Some old salts just never seem to know when to quit.

The Gathering Storm
Resisting slavery even on economic terms could make you persona non grata in Dixie.


Mapping out the war, another famous Poe, Kentucky Rebels and a crisis of conscience at the front.

How to frame a shot.