The General’s General
By Alan Axelrod
Omar Bradley’s secret of success was putting Patton in the right place at the right time

Frankenplanes of Guadalcanal
By Robert J. Mrazek
The prickly chief of Torpedo Squadron Eight had a radical plan for replacing his decimated force

PORTFOLIO: Double Vision
Striking color photographs of occupied Paris reveal two sides of wartime life in Europe’s cultural capital

Devil’s Bargain
By James S. Corum
How Germany, with Russia’s help, built a cutting-edge army and air force well before World War II erupted

The Making of Comandante Enrico
By Drew Bratcher
A Polish Jew survived Warsaw’s ghetto to lead a band of partisans in the Italian Alps

German Naval Mines
By Max Gadney
For every innovation, the Allies had an answer



World War II Today
Missing marines found on Tarawa; concentration camp cover-up; curious case of the Kuril Islands

War Letters
By Andrew Carroll
A World War I vet dispenses advice to his son fighting with the 11th Armored Division

By Gene Santoro
Ian Kershaw on the nature of Hitler’s charisma and power

Unknown Soldiers
By Stephen Budiansky
A flamboyant spy takes to the skies for MI6

Time Travel
By Mark Potts
At Pearl Harbor, a respectful hush lies over the still-entombed dead

The price of liberation; spies in the mountains; Tom Cruise in Valkyrie

What If…
…the United States had invaded a Japanese home island?
By Mark Grimsley

A building’s fashionable attire