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A Savage Fight for New Guinea
By James Campbell
American troops were near the breaking point even before the battle began.

The Corsair’s Genius: Rex Beisel
By Barrett Tillman
It was the best fighter of the war—but it sure didn’t start that way.

Secrets of the Nazi Interrogators
By James S. Corum
How the Luftwaffe tricked Allied airmen into talking.

One Boy’s War
By Lewis Lord
For those too young to serve, the war was distant and near, unreal and real.

Varian Fry: The United States’ Man in Vichy
By Marc Leepson
American Varian Fry saved a generation of France’s greatest artists from the Nazis.

Breakout in Normandy
By Max Gadney
It took ingenuity—and new tactics—to battle through the hedgerows.


WWII Today
Soviet atomic spy revealed;
Japan’s naval atrocities; wartime convictions of African American
soldiers overturned

David Stafford on the war’s unwritten final chapter
By Gene Santoro

Unknown Soldiers
The chaplain who stood up to Patton
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Sailing with Operation Liberty Ship
By Guy Aceto

War Letters
A German immigrant’s plea to FDR
By Andrew Carroll

Churchill and the Jews; how World War II ended Europe’s romance with arms; the Warsaw Zoo

Weird weapons of the war

What If
…Japan had won at Coral Sea?
By Mark Grimsley

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USS Laffey: Attacked Off Okinawa in World War II

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s Defense of Normandy During World War II

Varian Fry: The United States’ Man in Vichy