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Table of Contents – March 2008 – British Heritage

12/20/2007 • BH Issues

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Messing About on the Thames
By Tim Lynch
“Supposing we drop down on the river and have a long day of it?”

The Thames Path
By Sean McLachlan
The National Trail leads along London’s rejuvenated South Bank.

The Great Castles of North Wales
By Jim Hargan
King Edward’s stone fortresses welcome visitors after 700 years.

Revisiting the Bed & Breakfast
By Siân Ellis
Saving money can also mean staying in style these days.

Illuminating Blackpool
By Jim Hargan
The original and still the greatest working-class seaside resort.

The Wayfarer’s Delight
Our favorite authors share their favorite British lodgings.

A Day to Visit Lewes
By James Graham
The Sussex hill town has seen a lot of history since 1087.


Dateline: Britain

Our Sceptered Isle
with Dana Huntley

Around London Town
with Sandra Lawrence

Letter From British Heritage

Hands Across the Sea
By Dana Huntley

Beyond the Bookshelf

Great British Heroes
Captain James Cook

Last Orders, Please!


Elizabeth I: The Reality Behind the Mask

Jack the Ripper

Scotland’s Mysterious Rosslyn Chapel

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