Table of Contents - June/July 2009 Military History

Table of Contents – June/July 2009 Military History

5/1/2009 • MH Issues

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Cover Story
Spymaster in Chief
By Edward G. Lengel
General George Washington’s voluminous correspondence reveals his no-holds-barred covert operations against the British.

Stand or Die
By David T. Zabecki
Walton Walker forged the defense of Korea’s Pusan Perimeter.

Portfolio: What’s So Funny?
World War I British cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather found healing humor in combat.

Tipping Point at Poltava
By Jonathan W. Jordan
Russia’s future rested in Tsar Peter’s hands at Poltava in 1709.

The Deadly Dozen
By Stephen Harding
Weapons that transformed warfare through the ages.

Pirate to Admiral
By Wade G. Dudley
Francis Drake rose from lowly Sea Dog to respected mariner.




What We Learned
from the Battle of Thessaly

Gail Halvorsen: Berlin’s Beloved “Candy Bomber”

Carlton Barrett: Savior at Omaha Beach

Hand Tool
Barbed Wire


Power Tool
V-1 Flying Bomb

Letter from Military History


Hallowed Ground
Pegasus & Horsa Bridges, Normandy, France

War Games

Weapons We’re Glad They Never Built
G1AMach17 Beardbuster


Military History Reader Poll:

Would it be fair to call Pusan the pivotal—and frequently overlooked—military action of the entire Cold War?


“George Washington: Defeated at the Battle of Long Island”

“Korean War: First Battle of the Naktong Bulge”

“Weaponry: Greek Phalanx”

On the cover: George Washington urges secrecy in an enhanced image; that’s Military History Editor Michael Robbins’ finger doing the shushing. Private Collection; Image Enhancement: Slingshot Studio, Atlanta, Ga.



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