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Oh Say Can You See?
The War of 1812 was a military and economic disaster for our young nation. But it also gave birth to American patriotism
by Nicole Eustace

Into the Fire
America’s favorite humorist braves the fury of Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea and lives to tell about it
by Mark Twain

Wilson at War, Wilson in Love
When U-boats sank the luxury liner Lusitania, Woodrow Wilson was preoccupied with romance
by H.W. Brands

House of Fatherly Dreams
The Cambridge, Mass., home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow nurtured his poetic talents and harbored his greatest tragedy
by Stephen Harrigan

The Great Divide
Civil War–era art captures the horror—and the beauty—of those uncertain times
by Claudia Glenn Dowling

First Slaves, First Hope
The promise of freedom was all too fleeting for the Africans who landed at Jamestown
by David Nicholson


Smoking gun reveals why Reb sub H.L. Hunley sank; ruckus raised over Jewish Plymouth Rock; ancient chocoholic stash unearthed; and more

The Big Picture
Packing heat: Guns in America

The First

Solar-powered business

We’ve Been Here Before
Congressional deadlock and the ill-fated Compromise of 1850

Paul Revere teapot

Branch Rickey hurls insults at Jackie Robinson

Letter From American History
Living history

38 Nooses: the largest officially sanctioned execution in U.S. history; Saving Lincoln: an indie film gem; How to Fake a Moon Landing; historic sites and museums to visit along the Erie Canal; and more

From America’s Attic
Nixon’s palace guard