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Patriot Hero on the Run
“Light Horse” Harry Lee rode like the devil in battle and when his peacetime creditors came calling
by Robert M. Poole

Lincoln’s Sanctuary
How a summer cottage three miles from the White House restored his soul
by Harold Holzer

Back to Roots
Romare Bearden’s colorful collages coax art out of experience and memory
by Claudia Glenn Dowling

A Killer’s Metamorphosis
Frank James outsmarted everyone when he adopted a new persona after his brother Jesse met a sordid end
by Stephen Harrigan

Blazing the Oregon Trail
The first-hand account of a pioneer who survived Indian attacks, braved river rapids and feasted on bear meat
by Nathaniel Wyeth

What Do We Owe Our Vets?
The benefits soldiers receive often depend on political expediency, not conscience
by H.W. Brands



First African-American church revived; Oklahoma comes to terms with Woody Guthrie; Pullman town awaits face-lift; Lincoln painting hoax bared

The Big Picture
Islam on the rise in America

We’ve Been Here Before
“Old Tippecanoe” made hay with class-war politicking

The First
Triple Crown winner

U.S. Grant enlightens Otto von Bismarck about the Civil War

Washington Crossing the Delaware, redux

Pulitzer Prize winner Tim Weiner on J. Edgar Hoover’s legacy as America’s original spymaster and how the FBI has cleaned up its act

Letter From American History
Tall Tree Tale

The Met’s New American Wing, plus bios of Patrick Henry and Margaret Fuller

From America’s Attic
A brooch of honor for long-suffering suffragists