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Hell on a Hill at Khe Sanh by Barry Fixler
For 77 days in early 1968, the Marines of Echo Company atop Khe Sanh’s Hill 861-A endured one of the war’s fiercest fights

Holding the Line at Credibility Gap by Don North
As father of the Five O’Clock Follies and chief of psychological warfare operations, Barry Zorthian had to walk a fine line

Light My Fire: Zippos at War by Marc Leepson
While the austere Zippo lighter was ubiquitous among GIs during WWII, it became a cultural icon in Vietnam

A U.S. Traitor’s Odd Twist of Fate by Richard Linnett
How the mysterious murder of U.S. Army deserter McKinley Nolan may help convict top Khmer Rouge leaders of war crimes

Garcia’s Cadillacs by Joseph A. Kinney
Less than 5 feet tall, Marine Salvador Garcia was a giant of a man

From Rags to Redemption – The Combat Paper Project by Roger L. Vance
The Combat Paper Project helps veterans reframe their war experiences by transforming their old uniforms into artwork


Letters from Readers


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Homefront What was happening back in the States in May/June 1968

My War U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Ned E. Seath

Letter from Vietnam magazine


The Mayaguez Incident, by Robert J. Mahoney

Forever Forward: K-9 Operations in Vietnam, by Michael Lemish

The Columbia History of the Vietnam War, ed. by David L. Anderson

B-57 Canberra Units of the Vietnam War, by T.E. Bell

Offerings Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial