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Jack Kennedy and Dr. Feelgood
Did the amphetamine-laced shots JFK received from a quack before a tense summit with Comrade Khrushchev put the world closer to the nuclear brink?
by Peter Carlson

How a wonder vine unveiled by Japan at the 1876 Centennial turned into a stealth invader and began eating America
by Kristen Hinman

Off the Charts
The first U.S. map, made by a quirky Connecticutian, reflects a forgotten war

Courtroom showman Clarence Darrow rescued the helpless from the claws of big business and big government
by John A. Farrell

The Wild Wild West
The culture wars of an expansionist era inspired painter Charles Deas
by Claudia Glenn Dowling

When the King Came Calling
George VI left Americans speechless during a U.S. tour to rally support for Britain on the eve of World War II
by Michael Farquhar

Thomas Paine’s Revolutionary Reckoning
George Washington refused to ride to the rescue when the writer who put him on his high horse faced execution
by William Hogeland



Lincoln document altered; 19th-century brothel life explored; long lost Jefferson books found; Eskimo mask sells big; and more

The Big Picture
Uncle Sam’s income tax fixation

We’ve Been Here Before
How political rancor led to mob violence in the young republic

The First
American chicken breed

Horace Greeley interrogates Brigham Young

Teddy Roosevelt’s gilded piano

Harvard historian Jill Lepore on Tea Party fundamentalism

Letter From American History

Religion sets America Aflame; the 1840s trial of a Killer Colt; a National Archives Civil War exhibit hits the road; and more

From America’s Attic
Custer’s buckskin jacket, 1876