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Hell on Hamburger Hill
By James H. Willbanks
In the 10 bloody days it took to take Hamburger Hill, America’s search for victory in Vietnam became a search for a way out

Night Sweats at Kham Duc
By Ronald E. Griffin
A nighttime NVA sapper strike in the summer of 1970 at Kham Duc airfield left one field artillery battery with its worst losses in the war

The Man in the Eye of the Storm
Interview by Edward Rasen Jr.
General Nguyen Khanh sheds light on the CIA’s role in Saigon’s swirling world of coup and counter coup

Rolling Thunder Takes It to the Wall
Hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists rumble into Washington, D.C., each spring on behalf of MIAs, POWs and all veterans

Khe Sanh in the Pantheon
Essay by Peter Brush
What a new president’s reflections on an old battle means to one Marine who was there

Turbulence Over Vietnam
By Phillip S. Meilinger
The disjointed application of American air power was severely hobbled by competing objectives and outdated thinking





Super Private

The M72 LAW: The one-shot, disposable tank killer

My War
The Night I Died in my Bird Dog

Letter From Vietnam


Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial