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The Private Hitler
By David McCune
Walter Frentz’s intimate pictures of the Führer and his friends offer chilling glimpses of mass murderers at work and play.

Darkness Over Kobe
By John A. Glusman
Two American airmen shot down during the B-29 firebombing raid of an ancient Japanese city became the unwitting victims of a cycle of cross-cultural vengeance.

At Ease
Boys will be boys, even during war.

Blueprint for Blitzkrieg
By Stephen Hyslop
Hitler’s chiefs harnessed lightning in France—then discovered the difficulty of making it strike twice.

Einstein and the Bomb
By Walter Isaacson
The German emigré scientist who unlocked the secrets of the atom warned FDR about the Nazis’ nuclear ambitions and then watched in horror from the sidelines as the U.S. let the genie out of the bottle.


WWWI Today

By Wayne R. Austerman

Interview: Stewart W. Husted
By Tobin Beck

One Man’s War

Letter From World War II




Lost Prison Interview with Hermann Göring: The Reichsmarschall’s Revelations

World War II: Second Atomic Bomb That Ended the War

World War II: Stopping Field Marshal Erich von Manstein’s Panzers