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Cover Story
What Was the War’s
Turning Point?

Seventeen top historians weigh in
By Laurence Rees

Pirates of the Sand Seas
Britain’s legendary Long Range
Desert Group
By Gavin Mortimer

Camp Art
Japanese Americans interned by their
country wrought beauty amid their
stark surroundings

Scrapping History
The nearly fanatical campaigns to collect scrap metal for the war effort ensured the destruction of important artifacts
By Ronald H. Bailey

Weapons Manual
The M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer
A good idea on paper never quite
realized its promise against German armor
By Max Gadney

‘A Flaming Abyss’

A young marine recounts the nightmare of scrambling ashore on Peleliu in 1942
By E. B. Sledge




World War II Today
Fewer dead at Dresden;
Dale Dye’s Reading List;
Japan’s admirals speak out

War Letters

Two sailors vie for the
attentions of the same
young woman
By Andrew Carroll


Alan Furst on his
new WWII spy novel,
set in the Balkans
By Gene Santoro

Unknown Soldiers

Prince of the air
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
By Kay Grant

Video game: Silent Hunter 5
Whirlwind by Barrett Tillman

What If…
…FDR had
disliked Churchill?
By Mark Grimsley

Planes over Remagen