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At the Gates of Moscow
By Andrew Nagorski
It was, simply, the deadliest battle in all of human history. And it stopped the Nazi blitzkrieg.

Men in Black
By David Alvarez
An audacious, and more than a little crazy, Nazi plan to spy on the Vatican.

Rebuilding Pearl
Striking photographs capture the Herculean task of bringing America’s crippled fleet back to life after the Japanese attack.

Free Records, 8 Million of ’Em
By Lewis Lord
When a musicians’ strike threatened troop morale, the army stepped in with “V-Discs.”

Was Halsey Out of His Depth?
By Barrett Tillman
The legendary fighting admiral became his own worst enemy as he rose to higher command.

Peace Is Hell
By James S. Corum
U.S. troops arriving in Germany found starvation, looting, chaos, and utter devastation. So they threw out the rule book.

Birth of the Bazooka
By Max Gadney
An explosive innovation helped level the playing field between infantrymen and tanks.


WWII Today
Japan’s nonapology; stolen art; the Great Escape; recovering Iwo’s dead; Captain America, R.I.P.

Historian Gerhard Weinberg on what we still have to learn about
World War II

Unknown Soldiers
A young English physicist who blunted the Blitz
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Diving into Truk Lagoon —and the past
By Tim Rock

War Letters
The moment an island paradise lost its innocence
By Andrew Carroll

Mafia at war; German resistance to Hitler; “Beachhead Don”; USS Midway museum


What If
France had not fallen in 1940?
By Mark Grimsley

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