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The Goldilocks Fighter
By Stephan Wilkinson
Grumman’s F6F Hellcat was just the right airplane at just the right time for the U.S. Navy.

Badass Pilots: A Vanishing Breed?
By Walter J. Boyne
Why America might be losing some of its best fliers before they
get off the ground.

Relentless in Battle
By Thomas McKelvey Cleaver
Hellcat pilot David McCampbell’s grit, determination and
shooting skills enabled him to become the Navy’s ace of aces.

Zeros Over Oz
By Fran Severn
Based in Australia, a top-secret Allied operation helped fill the
intelligence gap on Japanese aircraft in WWII.

Italy’s Consummate Showman
By Derek O’Connor
In 1933 Italo Balbo led a massive formation of Savoia-Marchetti
flying boats across the Atlantic.

Going Ballistic
By Emil Petrinic
Air-launched ballistic missiles have long been eyed as a
highly mobile and effective nuclear deterrent.


By Roy Stevenson
The Doak 16 VTOL aircraft
intrigued the U.S. Army.

By Betty Leavengood
Parachutist Pearl Ward’s
27th jump was almost her last.




By Jon Guttman
A rare F6F-5 Hellcat took wing last
summer.Letter from Aviation HistoryReviews

Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

Aero Poster



Under the current standards of conduct in the U.S. military, where it’s “one mistake and you’re out,” is there still a place for maverick pilots like Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Hub Zemke, Jack Broughton and John Boyd?

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