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The Dambusters
By Nicholas O’Dell
Seventy years ago, an audacious British bombing mission unleashed a “dark picture of destruction” in Germany’s Ruhr valley.

Monster Singles
By Stephan Wilkinson
This Big Ten gets the job done with one—engine, that is.

The Luftwaffe’s Wooden Wonder
By Mark Carlson
Intended as a jet-powered “People’s Fighter,” the Heinkel He-162 killed far more of its own pilots than the enemy.

Around Latin America in 133 Days 
By Robert Guttman
In 1926 a crack team of U.S. Army airmen set out on a 22,000-mile adventure in open-cockpit amphibious biplanes.

Giving the Machine Gun Wings
By Gavin Mortimer
The first forward-firing fighters inaugurated a new era in aerial combat.

The Wee Bee
By Walter J. Boyne
Building the world’s smallest airplane involved some huge challenges.

Mailbag Briefing

Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

By Jon Guttman
Luftwaffe ace “Bully” Lang downed
18 planes in one day.

Letter From Aviation History


By Edward Phillips
Beechcraft’s A17FS racer was denied its chance for glory.Restored
By Brendan McNally
A new life dawns for a long-abandoned B-17E.Reviews

Aero Artifact

Weider Reader



At an estimated cost of $135 million per airplane, Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter is the most expensive weapons program in U.S. history. When the fighter finally becomes fully operational, will it be worth the price tag?

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