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Red Sky over Big Ben
By Michael R. Shea
Horror and heroism aboard a badly damaged American aircraft carrier

Cover Story
Destination Normandy
By Ian Gardner and Roger Day
Paratroopers of the 101st Airborne recall the jump of their lives

Monty’s Armored Smokescreen
By Carlo D’Este
What was the real goal of Goodwood, Britain’s Normandy breakout? And does it matter?

Zero Hour on Niihau
By Richard B. Frank
A deadly dustup on a remote Hawaiian island in December 1941 contributed to the internment of thousands of Japanese Americans

Weapons Manual
Gliders over Normandy
By Max Gadney
On D-Day, gliders played a crucial role in carrying troops, weapons, and other equipment behind German lines


The Jump of Their Lives
A photo slideshow of American paratroops before and after the jump into Normandy



World War II Today

Glimpses of Hitler’s private side; Russia covers up; Rick Atkinson’s reading list; the Web’s best D-Day sites

War Letters
Lt. Gen. George S. Patton Jr. weighs in on war and death in a D-Day letter to his son
Andrew Carroll

Laurence Rees on how dealing with Stalin became a necessary evil
Gene Santoro

Unknown Soldiers
By Stephen Budiansky
The Hungarian math whiz who perfected the C-47 transport

Time Travel
By Stephen Budiansky
The Channel Islands still bear witness to their Nazi occupation

A history of strategic bombing; Churchill’s flawed genius; Katyn

What If…
…Mussolini had stayed on the sidelines?
By Mark Grimsley


A Spitfire’s curious cargo