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Tanks Cut Swathe at Bloody Omaha
By Steve Zaloga
American armor on D-Day actually opened the way for the infantry that followed.

The Few, the Proud, the Fit
By Gregory J. W. Urwin
Marine prisoners of war survived Japanese prison camps at twice the rate of army GIs.

PORTFOLIO: Cartoons Posted from the Edge
A young illustrator-turned-soldier brightened his letters home with telling envelope art.

Voices from Iwo Jima
By Larry Smith
Soldiers reveal the fear, courage, and humor they brought to the legendary battle.

The Russian Lend-Lease Myth
By Alexander Hill
The Soviets have long insisted that British tanks and planes made little difference. Newly discovered files tell another story.

WEAPONS MANUAL: The Last Vengeance Weapon
By Max Gadney
Nazi scientists created the V-3 to rain death on London.



World War II Today
Lost U-boats located; a dictionary of the verboten; Britain’s mixed-race war babies

Paul Shapiro on an archive that traces Holocaust victims
Gene Santoro

War Letters
News of a vicious fight for a hill in the Pacific
Andrew Carroll

Unknown Soldiers
An artist brings cheer to her subjects
Stephen Budiansky


Time Travel
A ruined French village is a tribute to its ghosts
Mark Waldie

What If…
…the Manhattan Project had failed?
Mark Grimsley

Franco’s lucky diplomacy; enduring 1945; Russia’s ruthless dispersal of Poles; killing Rommel

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Marines survived the ordeal of Japanese prison camps at twice the rate of army GIs. What were the factors that accounted for this? LINK to discussion.