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Table of Contents – July 2008 Military History

5/29/2008 • MH Issues

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Sea Power Visionary

By Joseph F. Callo
John Paul Jones pioneered the projection of sea power a century before the rise of the modern U.S. Navy

Napoléon Takes Command
By Philip Dwyer
In 1793 an unknown artillery officer rises to prominence at Toulon

Portfolio: Journey Through Chaos
By Peter Howe
Wars through the lens of the late Philip Jones Griffiths

Decision at Plataea, 479 bc
By Matthew Gonzales
A Greek victory over Persia secures lasting autonomy

Victor of Verdun
By Robert Bruce
Philippe Pétain proves that firepower is the key to modern warfare

Mutiny on the Sentry
By Nate Braden
The 1975 Soviet uprising that inspired The Hunt for Red October


Letter from the Editor


Anthony Pagden: East Is East, West Is West

What We Learned…
from the San Juan Heights

Butch O’Hare: First Navy Ace of World War II

Hand Tool
Maori patu

Power Tool
De Havilland Mosquito



Hallowed Ground
Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia

War Games

Weapons We’re Glad They Never Built
Da Vinci’s Flying Fortress



Napoléon’s Total War
Greco-Persian Wars: Xerxes’ Invasion
The Tragic Pursuit of Total Victory: Germany’s Unrelenting Offensive


Had Xerxes won the Battle of Plataea, could he have regained the initiative or would it only have delayed his inevitable exit from Greece?



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