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Annihilation of a Regiment
By J. David Petruzzi
The 6th U.S. Cavalry was out for a bit of glory near Gettysburg, but the Confederate Laurel Brigade had other ideas for the bold Yankees.

Monumental Memories
A series of rare Gettysburge photographs from the Adams County Historical Society.

Load the Hopper and Turn the Crank – Rapid-Fire Guns of the Civil War
By Joseph G. Bilby
Coffee Mills, Requa Batteries and Gatling Guns, though imperfect, were the world’s first field-tested
machine guns.

The Fishook That Caught a Rebel Army
The Army of the Potomac’s defensive line at Gettysburg resisted numerous Confederate attacks.

King of the Hill
By David W. Palmer
“Pap” Greene dug in his men, fought like hell and saved the Union right at Gettysburg.

So Much for Comrades in Arms
By Eric A. Campbell
Confederate General “Rans” Wright put poison in his pen and wrote a controversial letter that accused fellow officers of failing to do their duty at Gettysburg.

Letters From Readers

Telegraph Wire
News From the Front

Eyewitness to War
An Illinois corporal survived gangrene from his Chickamauga wound. His brother-in-law did not share the same luck.
By Lyn Terese Miller Smith


 Letter From America’s Civil War


A bullet-pierced tailor’s shop sign from Gettysburg’s town square.

On the Block
Civil War Memorabilia Sold at Auction


Battle of Chickamauga: Union Regulars Desperate Stand

Battle of Gettysburg: Fury at Bliss Farm

Battle of Gettysburg — Day Two