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Cover Story
Teddy Suhren’s Last Patrol
On the hunt with a rogue U-boat commander
By Ronald H. Bailey

The Speed-Up King
GM’s chief transformed America from carmaker to weapons giant
By Michael W. R. Davis

With a Sweet Kiss from Sally
Allied investigators hunt down the seductive Nazi broadcaster
By Richard Lucas

Double Duty
America’s trains became a vital link to the battlefield

Close Call Near Bastogne
Two American battalions stave off a massive German armored assault
By Leo G. Barron

Weapons Manual
The Makeshift MP3008
Germany abandoned craft to create a bare-bones submachine gun
By Max Gadney



World War II Today
Australian shipwreck; Auschwitz blueprints; Laurence Rees

War Letters
Hitler’s nephew
By Andrew Carroll

Hannah Pakula on China’s wartime first lady
By Gene Santoro

Unknown Soldiers
Britain’s bomb whiz
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Wartime London
By Guy Aceto

Japan’s Imperial Army; Germany 1945; WWII in HD

What If…
…The Allies Had Bombed Auschwitz?
By Mark Grimsley

Mistake at Midway