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The Race to Malta
By Sam Moses
Running gauntlets of U-boats and Stukas, Allied convoys took desperate risks to keep the vital outpost supplied.

The Best of Willie & Joe
By Karen Jensen
Cartoonist Bill Mauldin’s characters spoke for every common soldier.

"Our Time in Hell"
By Stanley C. Jersey
In their counterattack on Guadalcanal, Japanese troops faced all but certain death.

"Wild Bill" Donovan’s Comeuppance
By David Alvarez
The hapless cloak-and-dagger operation behind the downfall of the OSS.

A Woman at War
By Nancy Shute
Correspondent Martha Gellhorn let little stop her in pursuit of a story—including the U.S. military.

Which Tank Was Tops?
By Max Gadney
Simple, efficient design helped Soviet models crush the competition.



WWII Today
Enola Gay’s log auctioned; new clashes in Okinawa; war criminals study

Conversation with Robert Patrick
The director of the Veterans History Project on finding and preserving war stories

Unknown Soldiers
The British propagandist who put smut to good use
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Secrets of wartime Washington

War Letters
Love letters from one of the four “Immortal Chaplains”
By Andrew Carroll

Mussolini and his generals; Wagner’s daughter-in-law; the OSS in Yugoslavia; Lust, Caution

Why is this Roman army a long way from Rome?

What If
…the July 1944 assassination attempt against Hitler succeeded?
By Mark Grimsley

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