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Why Cotton Got to Be King
Those Southern planters were always looking for the Next Big Thing.
by Robert Behre

The Race Is On
John Brown spooked politicos all over the place, just in time for the campaign.

How the West Was Lost
Joe Johnston knew Sherman was bad news for Georgia. But he couldn’t get past the enemy he saw in Richmond.
by Frank Van Der Linden

Irvin McDowell: The Most Unpopular Man in America
Turns out lightning can strike twice
in the same spot after all.
by Michael C. Hardy

The Celebrity Soldier
Ulysses Grant rode the wave of battle victories to A-list status in Washington.
by Joan Waugh

Putting a Face on the Burden of War
Sooner or later, constant stress is bound to change your looks—even if you’re Lincoln.
by Philip B. Kunhardt III, Peter W. Kunhardt and Peter W. Kunhardt Jr.

The Man Who Shot A.P. Hill
He killed a leading Southern general; betcha you don’t know his name.
by Jon Guttman




Open Fire!
Civil War News and History

Five Questions
Ed Bearss on marking milestones

The Gathering Storm
One engineering project shoved the North into the winners’ column.

Anecdotes, Legends & Lies
A man has to decide for himself when New Mexico is worth fighting for.


A president in the hot seat, mountaineer warriors and jayhawkers, and Jimmy Stewart’s antiwar message.

Hot lead; cold brass.