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Outkilling the Enemy
By Gene Santoro
Gen. Curtis LeMay made no apologies for conducting an all-out air war against Germany and Japan

Prelude to Pearl
By Stephen Harding
Early on December 7, 1941, a ship fatally attacked by a Japanese sub in the Pacific radioed its fate to the world. Was anyone listening?

Paper Bullets
Allied and Axis propaganda leaflets were intended to trick, terrify, and divide the enemy

Fallout from the Blast
By Nigel Jones
Claus von Stauffenberg’s son recounts the terror and tumult that engulfed the family after his father’s attempt to kill Hitler in 1944

Birds of War
By Karen Jensen
A thousands-strong force of messengers, spies, and counterspies helped save lives and win battles

Ready, Aim, Bomb
By Max Gadney
The much-hyped Norden bombsight was less than accurate when Europe’s skies clouded over


World War II Today
Wartime pope defended; German bunker as time capsule; home for washed-up spies

War Letters
A sailor captured at Corregidor on his three horrific years as a POW
By Andrew Carroll

Carlo D’Este on what drove Churchill to wartime greatness
By Gene Santoro

Unknown Soldiers
The troubled author of the famed poem about a ball-turret gunner
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
On the island of Guam, World War II is never far from sight
By John C. Pursley

The good news about Market Garden; Hitler; Spike Lee’s Miracle

What If…
…Hitler had defeated the Soviet Union
By Mark Grimsley

A strange turn in weapons development