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Table of Contents – February 2015 American History magazine

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12/3/2014 • AH Issues, American History Magazine, Mag: American History Archives

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Robber Baron Turned Robin Hood
Andrew Carnegie squeezed every bit of profit out of his business ventures and the workers who made them run. He was driven to make money—and to give it away
by Richard Ernsberger Jr.

Empress of Journalism
Miriam Folline Peacock Squier Leslie Wilde turned the newspaper business on its head—and left the spoils to American suffragists
by Nancy Rubin Stuart

Death Stalks the Capital
A yellow fever epidemic in 1793 Philadelphia taught Americans a valuable lesson: Good health is good policy
by Jeanne Abrams

An Eye on World War I
Red Cross volunteer Margaret Hall’s never-before-published photographs of the Great War’s haunting aftermath
by Sarah Richardson

In a secret World War II exchange program, the U.S. government traded 4,500 legal German residents—and their American-born children—for POWs in Europe
by Jan Jarboe Russell



American Mosaic
Edgar Allan Poe returns to Boston; WWII Museum showcases “Campaigns of Courage”—and more

The First
Smoking bans

We’ve Been Here Before
Our “special friends” across the pond

Chilkat blanket

Robert E. Lee faces Congress

Edward E. Baptist ties slavery to capitalism

Here Is Where
Holding the fort in San Antonio

Letter From the Editor
Breaking fevers, sharing wealth, being Frank

Walt Whitman’s bohemian New York; Robert Morris’ Philadelphia folly—and more

Last Call
Forgotten abolitionist Theodore Dwight Weld


















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