Tet: The Center of the Storm  by Rod Paschall
Seeing the Tet Offensive coming, Lt. Gen. Frederick Weyand swiftly crafted a crushing counterattack that left the enemy decimated in the battle for Saigon

Capturing the Embassy Sapper  by Don Hirst
An Army photographer’s story of personal triumph and tragedy behind one of the most iconic images from the U.S. Embassy attack during Tet

The American Mayor of Saigon  by Larry Englemann
Was Navy Captain Archie Kuntze—once called the most powerful man in South Vietnam—brought down by his own corruption, disgruntled MACV leadership, or was it just love?

To Soldier On in a Dying War  by William Shkurti
When GIs at Fire Support Base Pace refused to go out on a night patrol in 1971, some saw mutiny, others common sense

Making a Date With Chris  by Chris Noel
How a million GIs seduced one young Hollywood starlet who was talking to them over the airwaves


Letters from Readers


John Rowan: On the front lines for Vietnam veterans

What was happening at home in January/February 1973

The HH-53B: The Lifesaving Super Jolly Green Giant

My War
Marine Captain Bud Willis

Letter From Vietnam magazine

Westmoreland: The General Who Lost Vietnam, by Lewis Sorley

The Invention of Ecocide: Agent Orange, Vietnam, and the Scientists Who Changed the Way We Think About the Vietnam War, by David Zierler

The Vietnam War from the Rear Echelon: An Intelligence Officer’s Memoir, 1972-1973, by Timothy J. Lomperis

Donut Dolly: An American Red Cross Girl’s War in Vietnam, by Joann Puffer Kotcher

Left at the Vietnam Wall