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George Washington’s Five Rules for How to Wage War With Honor
Our first commander in chief showed remarkable historical prescience in the instructions he gave to troops before America’s ill-fated 1775 invasion of Quebec
by Ray Raphael

America’s Disastrous Invasion of Canada: The ill-fated campaign for the “14th colony.”

A Cold Day in Hell: A soldier recounts the march to Quebec

Relics of an Illusory Past
An Archaeological Dig on Governors Island in New York raises questions about how we experience history
by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Looking in on The Americans
Photographer Robert Frank went on the road a half century ago and created a visual chronicle that defined an era
by Alan Burdick

Amelia Earhart’s Brazen Cohorts
A host of American women who took to the skies in the first flying machines were more daring than Lady Lindy
by Ernest Furgurson

America’s First Climate Debate
Thomas Jefferson challenged the science of European doomsayers and had a moose sent to Paris to bolster his case
by Gordon S. Wood

He Did His Damndest to Feed the World
Norman Borlaug, an Iowa farm boy turned plant scientist, saved more lives than anyone else throughout history
by George McGovern



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Credit card: Surprising stats on how it changed our way of life

How William Jennings Bryan launched the modern era of presidential politicking

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Books the President Should Read
Is there a generational crisis coming?

The Big Picture
How official unemployment numbers underestimate the current crisis

A Civil War blockbuster, an NAACP page turner and a Louisa May Alcott bio

Save This Old Barn
A Connecticut barn for drying tobacco could be yours for a dollar