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Table of Contents – December 2008 American History

11/18/2008 • AH Issues


Uneasy About Alcohol
Hard drinking began with the Puritans aboard Mayflower and has ebbed and flowed with the country’s fickle temperament ever since.
by Peter Carlson

The Tipsy Turvy Republic Of Alcohol
A distilled look at the dramatic ups and downs of America’s drinking habits since the 1700s.

The Revolutionary Gospel According To Samuel Adams
A Founding Father with the blood of Puritans thick in his veins used religious zeal to inflame the passions of his fellow patriots and create a firestorm of rebellion.
by Ira Stoll

The Birth of the Snapshot
Tintypes revolutionized photography in the 1800s and gave Americans artistic license to radically reinvent themselves.

Washington Grew up Here
Archaeologists look for clues to George’s childhood on the farm where lore has it that he used his hatchet on the cherry tree.
by Tom Huntington

Mountain Man, Heal Thyself
Fur trappers relied on medicine men, insects, liquor and their own ingenuity to cure themselves of disease and tend injuries.
by David Dary





Publick Occurrences
Archaeologists uncover Jamestown’s “1607 layer,” Toni Morrison takes a seat on her South Carolina slave bench, bobbleheads hit a nerve and more

Uncommon Virtue
The Hello Girls call the front during World War I

Walter A. McDougall on electoral hustlers

The Gatling gun

Letter From American History

Historic presidential campaign exhibits, Robert Remini’s Andrew Jackson, PBS’ Andrew Jackson DVD, Jacob Riis’ flash photography and more

The Price Is Right, Gay ’90s Style

Robert E. Lee’s duty-bound family


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