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Table of Contents – Civil War Times – December 2010

10/5/2010 • CWT Issues


General Disobedience
George McClellan deliberately undermined John Pope in the Second Bull Run Campaign
By Edward H. Bonekemper III

Substitute for a Corpse
Seeing isn’t always believing when it comes to battlefield photos
By David Lowe and Philip Shiman

Joseph Whitworth’s Deadly Rifle
If a Rebel could see it, he could most likely hit it with this hyper-accurate English weapon
By Fred L. Ray

All Glory and No Gore
Elmer Ellsworth’s crack drill team inspired prewar militiamen
By Doug Dammann

Martyr for the Union
A portfolio of colorful artifacts roused by Ellsworth’s death

Crisis of Faith
Swept up in the revival spirit, soldiers North and South believed God was on their side
By George C. Rable


Mail Call
Dick Ewell’s cure-all; putting the slave trade in perspective

Civil War Today
Newly discovered Camp Lawton; Brandy Station grows; Nat Turner tour

Blue & Gray
What did Yanks fight for?
By Gary W. Gallagher

Collateral Damage
The Western Theater war ended at Bennett House
By Harry Smeltzer

Waite Rawls on the Museum of the Confederacy’s future

Field Guide
Second Manassas, Robert E. Lee’s greatest victory

Letter From Civil War Times

Charleston family odyssey; USS Carondelet; Welsh-born spy

EXTRA: Best Gift Books of 2010 to give or get!

Hike the Bull Run Mountains; Zouave drill manual and more

Caricatures by Mike Caplanis

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