Nazi Blitz Bomber
By Stephan Wilkinson
Had it debuted just weeks earlier, the Arado Ar-234 jet could have revealed the D-Day invasion’s objectives and changed the war’s course.

Lost Luftwaffe Airplanes
By Walter J. Boyne
Misguided leadership led to flawed designs being developed, while more promising aircraft never got off the ground.

After the Dams
By Nicholas O’Dell
RAF No. 617 Squadron’s Lancasters dropped Wallis Barnes’ massive Tallboy and Grand Slam “earthquake bombs.”

Bombing, Italian Style
By Arnold Blumberg
The Caproni trimotor evolved into one of World War I’s best heavy bombers.

The Greatest Airshow on Earth
Photographs by Guy Aceto & Carl von Wodtke
The EAA’s annual AirVenture brings out aviation’s brightest and best.





By Robert Guttman
Blohm & Voss’ Bv-138 flying boat could stay aloft for 18 hours.

By Robert L. Wieman
An A-26 pilot looks back on his tour of duty in occupied Japan.

By Jon Guttman
A WB-57F Canberra goes back to work—after 41 years in the “Boneyard.”

Letter From Aviation History



Flight Test

Aero Artifact