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Black Widow’s Web
By Stephan Wilkinson
The malevolent-looking Northrop P-61 became a legend in its own time, but does it deserve its vaunted reputation?

Making The Blue Max 
By Don Hollway
Today’s computer-generated flight scenes can’t compare to the real thing in a World War I epic filmed 50 years ago.

Project Thunderstorm
By Steve Zuger
In 1946 a group of brave airmen volunteered to help peel back the layers of mystery surrounding severe weather.

‘Indians’ Over the Bulge
By Steve Blake
Ninth Air Force P-47s came out on top in a wild dogfight with the Luftwaffe above the Ardennes.

Sir Alan’s Flying Circus
By Derek O’Connor
British aviation visionary Alan Cobham set out to sell the world on long-distance air travel.

Swan Song for the Battle Phrog
By Frank Lorey III
Veteran CH-46 crews wouldn’t have traded their Sea Knights for any other helicopter—not in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan.


By Jon Guttman
Miles’ dragonfly-like Libellula was originally designed as a carrier aircraft.Aviators
By John Lowery
RF-80 pilot John Rhoads died just before the Korean armistice took effect.
Letter From Aviation HistoryRestored
By Dick Smith
Pima’s newly refurbished P-39N Airacobra fought in the South Pacific.ReviewsFlight Test
By Jon GuttmanAero Poster



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