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Death of the Wehrmacht
by Robert M. Citino
In 1942 the German army, turning one last time to its traditional Prussian tactics of maneuver in Stalingrad and the Caucasus, met its end.

Victorio’s War
by Robert M. Utley
A little-known Apache, the “greatest Indian general” ever, terrorized settlers and the army for more than a year, surpassing the feats and ferocity of Geronimo.

Heraclius Brings Persia to Its Knees
by Cecelia Holland
One general preserved the Eastern Roman Empire for seven more centuries, crushing the Sassanids and creating a governing system that blunted the spread of Islam.

The Battle for Little York, 1813
by Robert Malcomson
The first American amphibious operation gave a young general his chance at military fame, and may have sparked the burning of the White House in 1814.

Otto Dix

by Jennifer E. Berry
The German painter, a Critical Realist and combat veteran of World War I, captures the horrors of war.

Needless Valor
by Noah Andre Trudeau
At New Market Heights, a Union general orders an attack that makes heroes and martyrs of his black troops, while blinding him to a crucial opportunity to capture Richmond.

Can the Counters Be Counted On?
by Adrian Goldsworthy
Despite the bias of some ancient historians and few primary sources, the numbers of weapons, combatants, and casualties in their battle tales are surprisingly reliable.

In the Dark and Out of Luck

by John Prados
American intelligence gathering, not yet a science, can still leave military forces lost in the fog of war.

Letters to the Editor /Ask MHQ

When Railroad Guns Ruled

by Jack H. McCall Jr.
The massive guns wrought havoc, until eclipsed by aerial bombing.

Developing the Fire Team
by Bruce I. Gudmundsson
The U.S. Marine Corps’ fire teams originated with cavalry and bike squads in Denmark.


‘All Quiet Along the Potomac’
by Christine Ammer
Our lexicographer considers the utterances of leading Civil War commanders.

Reviews of To the Threshold of Power, 1922/33, Origins and Dynamics of the Fascist and National Socialist Dictatorships, Volume 1, by MacGregor Knox; and The Second Battle of the Marne, by Michael S. Neiberg.

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