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Wartime leader, peacetime visionary

‘I really hit a new world’
West Point—and Eisenhower’s Kansas roots—made the man
by Carlo d’Este

‘I’m going to command the whole shebang’
As Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Eisenhower molded an unparalleled fighting force
by Jerry D. Morelock

‘The only way to win World War III is to prevent it’
Eisenhower deftly maneuvered through Cold War crises, from the threat of nuclear annihilation to domestic political turmoil
by Evan Thomas

‘Unless we progress, we regress’
Shrewd judicial appointments and an unflagging sense of fair play characterized Eisenhower’s contribution to civil rights
by David A. Nichols

‘I never cease to be grateful’
A granddaughter remembers Eisenhower’s devotion to family
by Mary Jean Eisenhower



American Mosaic
Hamilton is Broadway bound; Voting Rights Act turns 50; sainthood for California friar raises hackles—and more

Eisenhower defrosts Nikita Khrushchev

We’ve Been Here Before
Ike’s Middle East  Gambit

Here Is Where
An Alabama pilot caught in a Bay of Pigs blunder

Game On
Building character on the playing field—and off

Letter From the Editor
To lead like Ike

Pioneering birdman John James Audubon; World War I flyboys; what made the ’20s roar—and more

Last Call
Rise and shine on the campaign trail