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Suicide Pact
By signing the Declaration of Independence, 56 Americans put their lives on the line
by William Hogeland

Edward S. Curtis
The photographer’s 30-year obsession with a vanishing way of life led to an astonishing
collection of more than 40,000 images of American Indians
by Timothy Egan and Claudia Glenn Dowling

Reagan Reborn
Did a madman’s bullet that wounded the 40th president save the world from nuclear war?
by H.W. Brands

Fat Cats and Vagabonds
Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone made the American Century run. Where could they go to get away from it all?
by Peter Carlson

Where Rebels Won
West Virginia left the South for the North in 1863 and became the only state where secession won out
by Gerald D. Swick

Slave Factories
A French-American adventurer gets an inside look at the African slave trade
by Paul Belloni Du Chaillu


Wright brothers’ first flight claim challenged; National History Day; Willa Cather’s private life goes public; last wooden whaling ship restored; comic books don’t create delinquents; and more

The First
Guide dog

We’ve Been Here Before
Who’s keeping tabs on presidential wartime powers?

Civil War footlocker

Ernest Hemingway toasts J.D. Salinger

Historian Roger Daniels on our immigration conundrum

Letter From American History
Value beyond measure

Take me out to the ballgame: five fresh looks at the national pastime; Civil War adventure: Northern
reporters flee Southern prison; Henry Ford: genius at work; Assassin’s Creed III: gamers fight the American Revolution; and more

From America’s Attic
Emergency money