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Table of Contents – August 2009 Vietnam

5/28/2009 • VIET Issues


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High Tech vs. Low Tech
By David F. Crosby
The striking battle of wits and ingenuity that kept about half of the war’s choppers flying…and got about half of them destroyed

Eddie Adams’ Dangerous Weapon
Eddie Adams’ greatest Vietnam War images, with commentary by Bob Schieffer, Morley Safer, Peter Arnett, Joe Galloway, Hal Buell, Nick Ut, Bill Eppridge, Bill Snead, George Esper and Alyssa Adams

Mr. Stewart Goes to Vietnam
By Warren E. Thompson
Exclusive: The true story of legendary actor Jimmy Stewart’s secret 1966 B-52 bombing mission over South Vietnam and its harrowing Hollywood ending

Caught in a Viet Cong Noose
By Franklin Cox
Marines itching for a head-to-head clash with the Viet Cong got more than they bargained for as they walked into a perfect ambush

Bobbie the Weathergirl’s Sunny Skies
When the young and adventurous Bobbie Keith took to the airwaves to report the weather for Armed Forces Vietnam TV in 1967, she raised the temperature—and stole the hearts—of thousands of GIs




Super Private

My War
Serving in Vietnam turned into a family affair for the Carlsons

The TV-guided Walleye was one smart bomb

Letter from Vietnam

History of an Unwinnable War; Loon; Vietnam Posters; Keep Your Head Down; and more

Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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  1. […] this article by David F. Crosby, we see how the helicopter technology during the 1960s improved, as the enemy found multiple ways […]

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