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Table of Contents – April 2015 American History magazine

By American History magazine
1/29/2015 • AH Issues, American History Magazine

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Stand Watie’s War
Stand Watie, a Cherokee, was the last Confederate general to surrender in 1865 after the long Civil War had torn the Cherokee Nation asunder, pitting the Indians against the North, the South and each other
by Theda Perdue

Constitution’s Last Victory
Marking 200 years since the legendary U.S. frigate Old Ironsides’ stunning win at sea
by Tom and Gena Metcalf

What Fools These Mortals Be
The beautiful—and biting—political cartoons of turn-of-the-century Puck magazine
by Sarah Richardson

Mexico’s Lindbergh
Emilio Carranza hoped to emulate a goodwill flight made by Charles Lindbergh, but the 
daring young aviator’s dream ended tragically in New Jersey
by Allen Barra

The First Whistleblowers
In 1778 the Continental Congress set a precedent that is surprisingly relevant today: Protecting those who risk everything to expose wrongdoing at the highest levels
by Steve Boisson



American Mosaic
Lincoln memorials; Mormon Church on polygamy’s real origins; lighthouses for sale; feds save e-mails—and more

The First
Electric guitar

We’ve Been Here Before
Midterms change the playing field—again

A super-complicated watch

Hemingway catches a movie with the Roosevelts

Here Is Where
Elisha Otis rises out of small-town Vermont

Andrew Levy revisits the world that inspired Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn

Letter From the Editor
Our next half-century begins

Eleanor Roosevelt on the air; Raymond Chandler’s noir classics; World War I in a box—and more

Last Call
Hedy Lamarr: Screen siren, wireless technology pioneer








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