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One Wild Ride to Destiny
by Paul Gregoire
A Marine helicopter pilot reveals new insights into the legendary 1965 mission chronicled in Life by photographer Larry Burrows

The Night the VC Stopped the War
by Bob Worthington

Two days before Christmas 1966, an infant girl’s misfortune led to a miracle of sorts that unfolded in the midst of mortal combat

On the Crossbow War’s Front Lines
by Rod Paschall
Unconventional warfare principles devised in 1962 by the CIA, U.S. Special Forces and Vietnam’s mountain tribes live on today

An Angel in Dien Bien Phu’s Hell
by Geneviève de Galard
On a mission of mercy, a young French flight nurse finds herself trapped, as Viet Minh lay siege to the last French outpost in 1954

Portfolio: Northern Exposure
Photos by Lee Lockwood
In 1967 Lee Lockwood became the first American photographer permitted inside North Vietnam since 1954, and his images opened a window on everyday life for the populace under American bombs

When Norman Met Westy
by Don North
A reporter captures an odd encounter between General William Westmoreland and the little-known Major Norman Schwarzkopf


Letters from Readers


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What was happening back in the States, March/April 1970

My War
Air Force Forward Air Controller Fredrick Pumroy

Letter from Vietnam magazine

The Vietnam War-A Chronology of War, ed. by Col. Raymond Bluhm Jr.

Hanoi Jane: War, Sex & Fantasies of Betrayal

Fragging: Why U.S. Soldiers Assaulted Their Officers in Vietnam

The Vietnam War: An Assessment by South Vietnam’s Generals

Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial