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Table of Contents – April 2010 Vietnam magazine

By Vietnam magazine
2/17/2010 • VIET Issues

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Vietnam: The Last Great Picture War
By Hal Buell
The war in Vietnam was photographed like no conflict before it or since, and its uncensored reality had profound consequences

Coca-Cola Kid Startles Sleeping Marines
By Joe Holt
How a 10-year-old soft drink peddler made the baddest of the bad—trained killers—look more like a bunch of silly boys

‘Life has been good so far’
By Michael Christy
When 100 Viet Cong attacked an undermanned Special Forces Camp in June 1969, Green Beret Robert Pryor’s life was changed forever

Edward Lansdale’s Black War
By Marc D. Bernstein
Racing against Geneva’s timetable to unify north and south, a CIA legend’s psywar tricks helped give birth to the Republic of Vietnam

Found: Lost Dog Tags – Genuine or Fake?
By Robert Mann, with Robert Maves, Ron Ward and Niels Zussblatt
A team of researchers challenges conventional wisdom that most dog tags hawked in Vietnam are post-war fakes—even Elvis Presley’s




The EA-6B Prowler: Built to outwit Hanoi’s air defenses

Jeremiah Denton’s quest for the America he left behind

What was happening back in the States in March/April 1965

My War
Nurse Jeanne Urbin Markle

Letter From Vietnam

War Stories: False Atrocity Tales, Swift Boaters, and Winter Soldiers; War Without Fronts; and more

Offerings: Left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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