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Mark Twain’s Guide to Our Most Tumultuous Century
Our nation’s greatest wit traveled everywhere, knew everybody and wrote about everything he observed—and he wasn’t always kidding
by Peter Carlson

Every Picture Tells a Story
Feast your eyes on masterworks by painters who chronicled our rise from upstart republic to powerhouse nation
by Alan Burdick

Presidential Poker
FDR, Truman, Eisenhower and Nixon all knew when to hold ’em or ’fold em—but differed on how much risk to take
by James McManus

America’s Worst Winter Ever
Forget Valley Forge. Patriot soldiers faced the coldest season in recorded history two years later—and near mutiny ensued
by Ray Raphael

Abigail Adams’ Last Act of Defiance
John’s enterprising wife waged a feminist revolution in the arena that mattered to her most: her own household
by Woody Holton

Abigail Adams on “The Only Surviving Parent I Have”
Adams’ relationship with Phoebe Abdee, her father’s former slave, was another example of the extraordinary control she exercised over household economics
by Woody Holton

Hard Times
Think 2009 was bad? Recessions have been a recurring part of the American saga since the Founding era
by Susan Mandel


Letter From American History

Blackbeard’s anchor, Jefferson’s tribute to a Declaration foe and more

Historian Randolph Roth reveals how murder came to plague America

The First
Emancipator: Robert Carter III, freed 492 slaves in 1791

J. Edgar Hoover filibusters Martin Luther King Jr.

A tribute to patriot financier Robert Morris on the U.S. Capitol dome

Books the President Should Read
Historical takes on U.S.-China relations

The Big Picture
Soldiers Everywhere: How our military footprint spread

A new Woodrow Wilson bio and Gordon Wood’s Empire of Liberty

Save This Old Barn
A Mormon landmark in Idaho could be yours for a buck