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The Founding Father of American Financial Disaster
Thomas Jefferson gave us life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and financial insecurity
by John Steele Gordon

What’s a Dollar Really Worth?
Watch it shrink
datagraphic by Nigel Holmes

Lincoln Chronicles, Part 2: There Goes the South
President-elect Abraham Lincoln keeps mum about secession during the long transition to his inauguration
by H.W. Brands

The Marksman Who Refused to Shoot Washington
A British officer could have changed the course of American history, if only he’d pulled the trigger
by Ernest B. Furgurson

Designs for the Dance of Life
American Indian women made dresses imbued with centuries of tribal tradition and their own life stories
by Christine M. Kreiser

Going Nuclear in Idaho Falls
The nation’s only fatal reactor accident cleared the way for the U.S. Navy to dominate civilian nuclear power
by Todd Tucker


Publick Occurrences
Colonial Williamsburg cuts back, Glory regiment strides again and more

Civil rights activist Mary Frances Berry

Uncommon Virtue
Candyman Milton Hershey


A clock for the industrial age

P.T. Barnum meets Queen Victoria
Must Reading for the President
5 classic chronicles of the Great Depression

Letter From American History

Barry Werth’s Banquet at Delmonico’s, Toni Morrison’s A Mercy, Lincoln documents and more

Presidents and their pets

Why You Should Know More About…
New Mexico