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Who owns Gettysburg?
Entrepreneurs, battlefield geeks, everybody wants a stake in the Most Famous Small Town in America. By Tim Rowland

In defense of Jeb
And speaking of Gettysburg, what did Jeb Stuart do there that was so wrong, anyway? By Tonia J. Smith

Rule Britannia
To Prince Albert, the whole Trent Affair was a royal pain: Britain had better things to do than fight with the Union. By Robert B. Mitchell

The fightin’ Irish
Wave after wave of Federals dissolved in Fredericksburg. Then came the Irish Brigade’s turn. By Thomas Craughwell

Tracing the ties that bind
Want to find out what your great-great-granddad did in the war? So did our editor. Learn from her trials and errors. By Tamela Baker




Field Notes

Civil War news and history

Primary Sources
John Ross tried to pick a winner

Cease Fire
Develop a taste for history

See ya later, Alligator

A Civil War Chronology


Michigan mettle, Confederate correspondence, dissecting decisions and a tale of feminine espionage

The robe of a martyr