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Table of Contents – March/April 2011 World War II

2/1/2011 • WW2 Issues


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Hitler’s Greatest Blunders
The decisions that doomed the Third Reich
By Jim Lacey

Under the Knife on New Guinea
The journal of a combat medic in the Pacific
By Irving A. Bunkin; introduction by Donald L. Miller


The Bubblegum War
A curious collection of prewar trading cards depicted conflict at its worst

Adventures of Mutt and Jeff
Two amiable Nazi spies from Norway join Britain’s double cross system
By Gavin Mortimer

Weapons Manual
Long Range Luftwaffe Killer
The Mustang over Europe
By Max Gadney

The Kindness of Strangers
Thousands of Danes—and one brave German—rescued Denmark’s Jews
By Duane Schultz



World War II Today
Vladimir Putin’s Reading List

Churchill’s cruel campaign to keep India under England’s boot
By Gene Santoro

Unknown Soldier
The traitor who inspired his country
By Stephen Budiansky

War Letters
A German Jew in the U.S. Army confronts Dachau
By Andrew Carroll

Time Travel
Following history’s footsteps on Guadalcanal
By John D. Lukacs

What If…
The Pearl Harbor attack had failed?
By Mark Grimsley



Moral Combat by Michael Burleigh

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Combat! on DVD

R.U.S.E. videogame



One Response to Table of Contents – March/April 2011 World War II

  1. Tom Kogan says:

    I have a friend who is 86 years old and was a infantryman machine gunner during the Okinawa battle. He has told me hours of tales of how they fought the Japanese and how after the island was taken, only three of his original group remained. He. was bayonetted in the calf, the thigh, and the hand and shot throught the throat in the hand to hand fighting. . His story should be documented before it is too late.
    His mind is clear and his name is
    Lloyd L Green
    New Creek Drive
    Keyser W.V.

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