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The battle that decided the fate of the Wehrmacht
By Lloyd Clark

The Many Faces of Stalin
How the Soviet leader charmed his way through Allied negotiations
By Laurence Rees


Berlin After the War
A glimpse of daily life in the former Nazi capital

Bombs Under London
The Royal Engineers had their work cut out for them during the Blitz
By Gavin Mortimer

Weapons Manual
The Atomic Bomb
Did this super weapon ultimately save lives at the end of the Pacific War?
By Max Gadney

Crossing the Rapido
The controversial diversionary attack that left a reserve unit in ruin
By Duane Schultz



World War II Today
Why the Nazis didn’t use nerve gas
Backyard treasure
Outrage over war grave theft

Remembering Guadalcanal and friendship with E. B. Sledge
By Gene Santoro

War Letters

Canadians write home about the trials of bunking with the Brits
By Andrew Carroll

Unknown Soldiers

The Army’s Dancing Master Sergeant
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Paris, France
By Gene Santoro

Two New Volumes on the Battle of Norway
Cry Havoc
World of Tanks computer game

What If…
…Singapore had not fallen?
By Mark Grimsley


An American division’s discarded symbol