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The Long Haul
By John Ottley Jr.
B-29 radar navigator Richard Almand flew the last heavy bomber raid of World War II—a nearly 17-hour mission.

A Wing and a Prayer
By Jay Barbree
Future astronaut Neil Armstrong’s career almost ended in 1951, when he was forced to bail out of his F9F Panther over Korea.

Empire State Tragedy
By Stephan Wilkinson
The first airplane to crash into a Manhattan skyscraper was a B-25 Mitchell bomber.

Warbirds Over the Beach 
By Carl von Wodtke
Jerry Yagen shows off his amazing warbird collection at his annual WWII airshow.

COD Special Delivery
By Robert A. Shaver
The crew of a leaky Grumman C-1A braved a typhoon to transport a courier carrying top-secret documents.

Letters Home
By Hadley Dixon
An aviation cadet’s letters provide a nostalgic look at pilot training.


Mailbag BriefingExtremes
By Robert Guttman
Zeppelin Staaken’s R.VI was the
biggest airplane to bomb Britain.

By Ana Maria Vizanty
Romanian ace Dan Vizanty is all but
forgotten by his countrymen.


By Stephan Wilkinson
A Supermarine Seafire
returns to the air.Letter From Aviation HistoryReviews

Flight Test
By Jon Guttman

Aero Poster



Warbird collector Gerald Yagen keeps an impressive stable of World War I and II airplanes flying at his Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach. Considering the risks involved, what is the value of keeping vintage airplanes flying instead of maintaining them on static display?

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