Should funding for military flight performances at airshows be restored?

Should funding for military flight performances at airshows be restored?

9/6/2013 • Aviation History Discussion, Discussions, Drafts

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The federal budget sequestration has resulted in cutbacks to military training flights and performances by demo teams at airshows. Should funding for these flights be restored, and if so, where should it come from?

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  1. Mike says:

    Yes, they absolutely should be re-instated. I’ve been honored to view the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds and several other military flight groups many times and it is my opinion that they not only demonstrate the capabilities of American air power but they are a tremendous recruiting tool for all branches of the military. Whenever I attend an airshow it is always noticable (at least to me) the rapt attention and total awe I see in the faces of the young men and women that will comprise the next generation of our military. I think the military air demonstrations show just how much teamwork and pride is involved by all those servicemen and women who both fly and service the high performance aircraft.
    Where’s the money going to come from? Sorry, no definitive answer but, as a taxpayer for over 50 years, I know there must be some way the existing revenues can be re-arranged to allow these teams to take to the air again.

  2. John Roller says:

    Our government is in trouble. They do not care, what the country wants, or what its people want. Congress is even going to get full pay if the government shuts down. Who great idea was that ???. Congress, who else !!!! . I am a 65 year tax payer. I Want to see everything funded. So lets get rid of our current congress, vote in a new congress,one that is interested in the peoples, and the country. Its time that we stop making everyone rich or poor, when history shows that the middle class is what makes the country run. Everyone in the government and large corperations, and are going to do what ever it takes, to get richer. And the hell with the rest of us….
    We NEED military AIR SHOWS, to help recurting efferts, and allow the people to see that our country can stand proud of. I am an ex- military man, 21 years service in three wars, and will get less pay next year, because the cost of living (CIP) will never ever meet the rise in costs.
    I am sorry, to vent my feelings this way, but you did ask, and thatks. John

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