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Shocking Visualization of World War II Fatalities

6/10/2015 • Videos

The grander context of the gravity that was World War II is shocking, but it is often lost among the finer details of each theater or battle. Here is a video that illustrates the incomprehensible fatality counts that occurred in the Second World War. Comparisons are made between countries, and across the worst atrocities throughout the entire history of the world.

An interactive version can be found here.

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4 Responses to Shocking Visualization of World War II Fatalities

  1. paul says:

    wow….excellent depiction…clear and precise..i have always believed that the 2nd all out war…was between good and evil…..simple as it may sound…it is harder to truly realize….looking foward to seeing more….peace..

  2. Rick says:

    Very nice indeed. I usually don’t have the time nor patience to sit through internet videos but this one grabbed me — it seems accurate enough without hyperbola.

  3. John says:

    Absolutely sobering, compelling and horrifying. It would be very difficult to give any side some form of moral high ground. The firebombing of Germany was truly evil but how can that be judged against racial and ethnic genocides or the deliberate sacrifice of one’s own civilians. Clausewitz may have been a military genious but was a social psychopath when it comes to Total War

  4. IgnoranceBeater says:

    Quite interesting. It could well be, that future generations will look upon this time as ‘the golden age’, just as people always look at past ages where and when they deem it was a highpoint in time of peace and economic/cultural growth. Nothing lasts forever, however, so I’m wondering how this trend will end. In the charts, we see (relatively) long periods of (relative) peace happened in the past too, accentuated by peaks of great violence (the interbellum being a good example, ending in WW1).

    If this is a recurring pattern, then it will mean that, after such a long and extremely peaceful (in comparison) period, there will be a peak of violence/war/death that will be devastatingly high.

    Of course, nothing says the charts has any predictive value; one would first have to analyse that. Nevertheless, the charts give a very poignant indication of historical warfare and military/civilian deaths, which can be quite eye-opening. And scientifically valid, so the more ‘wild’ claims can now be shown to be incorrect (or not). A job well-done, I would say.

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