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Share a recent discovery you’ve made about a historical topic.

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Share a recent discovery you’ve made about a historical topic.

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  1. Luther Thompson says:

    I reciently discovered while looking in a book about the SS that Weiner von Braun was an SS officer. I knew about the V2 rocket program that he was working on, I did’nt know this.

  2. CR says:

    I recently read, in a book called “The Americans” by J.C. Furnas, that people living in the 14, 15, 16 and 17 hundreds rarely (in the west at least) drank water. They would instead drink beer, wine, spirits or hard cider depending on location. This included children.

  3. mary turnbull says:

    I recently discovered that native americans were and still are stolen from their families and assimilated to white ways and values. The world is not the place it should be. It wasnt enough to steal their land and kill them now we wish to obliterate their heritage. The white race have killed and stolen from others for centuries why would anyone which to become like us. Time the world woke up and realised we are all one people with one god and the day of reckoning will come to us all..

    • Curt says:

      Mary, with all due respect. Your comment sounds racist towards whites and implies that all caucasion people condone slavery which is not true. I find it insulting actually. I have never owned a slave and have never stolen land from anyone.

      • Jenny says:

        In truth, the Indians were decimated by huge numbers. Historians estimate there were 8 to 10 million Native Americans before the white man began to “conquer and civilize” the land. As the numbers of new incoming population grew, the Native Americans were crowded further west and treaties were continually broken. The Cherokee Nation had learned to read, write, publish their own newspaper, and sued in the US Supreme Court to stay on their land in Georgia. They won in 2 different cases. However, President Andrew Jackson said, “Let the court enforce the order.” and he moved them west by what in now know as the Trail of Tears in winter conditions. One forth perished before reaching Oklahoma. And finally we wanted Oklahoma, too.
        They were given blankets used on smallpox sufferers, Buffalo were shot from trains with great glee, left to rot. This caused great starvation. They were attacked on the reservations the Army had put them on (Sand Creek, Colorado), Today’s census estimate of Native Americans is a little over 2 million. Where do you think the rest of them went? On a picnic?

      • random says:

        She wasn’t talking to you specfically sorry if you took offense..

    • BD says:

      Conversely, native Americans not infrequently kidnapped children from settlers and other tribes and did the exact same thing.

      Cases can be found simply by googling the key words “Kidnapped by Apache’s” and see the list of people taken by force by that tribe in the 1800’s. And that list only contains Americans kidnapped by the Apache’s, not Mexican citizens more frequently the focus of Apache depredations.

      ragarding the assertion that we are attempting to oblitaerate their heritage, they are doing that just fine by themselves if you ask me.

  4. Mike says:

    I discovered James Hornfisher’s book, Tin Can Sailors, which describes the battle of Leyte Gulf, when thin skinned destroyer escrots took on the Japanese fleet of battleships and heavy cruisers. I can not fathom the bravery these 18,19,20 year sailors and there older (25-35) officers had as they charged into the Japanese fleet with their smaller, lighter vessels. Just incredible what these men went through. Also, the actual conditions the Marines lived and fought in on Okinawa makes a day in Iraq look like a picnic. My have times changed. The news is all over a few marines in Afghanistan. Guess these people have never read what the Marines on the islands did to their enemies. What this country has become: an assembly of soft, self centered people who do not want to be inconvenienced and will complain when MEN and WOMEN who do the dirty work get caught up in the war environment.

  5. SHS says:

    I hadn’t realized that there were three ships that were hit during the Boston Tea Party. The Eleanor, Beaver and the Dartmouth. Plus, there were over 120 colonists dressed up as Mowhawk Indians.

  6. Jennifer from Down-Under says:

    Just researching The Battle of Shiloh and read that W.T.Sherman had his horse shot out from under him 3 times on the 1st day,- hey 3 different horses presumably. Horse carnage as well human in that war !
    T forTecumsca ? What were they thinking?

    • Ed Hamilton says:

      Nathan Bedford Forrest reportedly had 30 horses shot from under him during the War (and personally killed 31 men in hand-to-hand combat).
      Over 70,000 horses were involved in the Battle of Gettysburg. Three to five thousands have been esitmated to have been killed. An estimated 1 1/2 million horses died.

  7. MarkJ says:

    I just learned about the Battle of Franklin, part of the larger Battle of Nashville, TN.

    Previously, I didn’t know much about this battle other than the fact that it had happened.

    I learned several things including:

    – Nashville was the second most fortified city in the US. (DC was first)
    – About a fourth of Thomas’s troops were USCT, (black soldiers)
    – Confederate forces very nearly broke the Union lines at Franklin, in spite of the fact the they were outnumbered and that the Union forces had repeaters

    The battle was initiated by the South in order to draw Sherman out of Georgia. Can you imagine what would have happened if Hood had won and captured Nashville and its supplies?

  8. Matthew In Wisconsin says:

    Last summer while standing at ‘Burnsides Bridge’ at Antietam, I had to check for myself and took off my shoes. The water at the center of the creek is just over knee deep, and I’m only 5″7″.Judging from the photos, there were no differences in the water level compared to the water level at the bridge abutments. If anything, 1862 was a dry summer and the water levels were most likely lower.

    So that tells me that idiot Burnside could have lined up six or eight or more regiments (he had dozens more regiments available) marched them across the creek and simply bullrushed past the two defending Georgia regiments with minimal causalities.

    Instead….. yeah, stupidity took charge.

    William Marvel’s article ‘Sculpting a Scapegoat: Ambrose Burnside at Antietam’ that expressed that it would be a difficult ford. I disagree on almost every count. Standing in the middle of the creek. Studing photos from that period. No, fording Antietam creek would have been simple. Period.

    Just an opinion of course.

    • Jennifer from Down-Under says:

      A terrific contribution to the debate Matthew in Wisconsin ( 8)

      I dont want to believe what you have researched is true !

      Antietam Creek was in flood…..?
      How can you be certain it wasnt?

  9. George T. Muller says:

    That Edwin Booth son of John Wilkes Booth saved the life of Robert Todd Lincoln President Lincolns son when He got his foot caught between a train and the Platform.

    I Googled the question and was brought to this great web site. It’s one I will use frequently from now on.


  10. nestor delgado says:

    I own a letter of Captain Charles Sellers,dated 1898, stationed in Puerto Rico during the war with Spain. In it the Capt.asked a certain government official to resign his office as he was asked, thus saving the Capt. the task of doing it forcefully.

  11. Jennifer from Down-Under says:

    Gee! That’s Incredible Ed Hamilton (6.1)
    Have you read ‘War Horse\?
    same thing during WW1

    Terribly NOT FAIR !

  12. Lyndon says:

    I read recently that 5000 Irishmen from Ireland fought for the Axis in WW2.

    My question:
    How did they arrive there.? Germany, that is.
    Surely if Britannia rules the waves, it would also have ships in the Irish Sea to intercept them.

    Doesn’t make sense.

    I kid you not.

  13. Silver620 says:

    I learned yesterday that the Cherokee Nation contributed funds to the starving Irish during the Great Potato Famine. So, here you have these people that had suffered (and continued to suffer) so grieviously, reaching out to ease the suffering of the Irish, while England was shipping literally tons of food out of Ireland.

  14. geo pap says:

    I recently, found out from a greek history programm that Adolf Hitler’s wife was… jew, in addition to that he was born by a jew.

    • The Forester says:

      1. Hitler never married until a few hours before his death (I’ve never heard any intimation of Eva Braun’s being anything less than pure Aryan.
      2. Hitler was likely 1/2 Jewish – he was illegitimate; his mother’s employer (a Wealthy Austrian Jew) is assumed to have been his progenitor.

    • rob morrison says:

      Eva Braun certainly was not a jew
      “”Braun was educated at a Catholic lyceum in Munich, and then for one year at a business school in the Convent of the English Sisters in Simbach am Inn, where she had average grades and a talent for athletics.

      Adolph Hitler could possibly have had some jewish blood.

      “”the question seems to stem from the remote possibility that Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish. Hitler’s father, Alois, was registered as an illegitimate child with no father when born in 1837 and to this day Hitler’s paternal grandfather is unknown. Alois’ mother, Maria Schicklgruber, is known to have worked in the home of a wealthy Jew, so there is some chance, however small, that a son in that household got Hitler’s grandmother pregnant.””

      It is doubtful and there is no chance it can be proven either way.

  15. Alastair says:

    For me, it was discovering the immense role played by the Canadian Corps in defeating the German Army in WW1. The 100,000 Canadians who fought in the “Last Hundred Days” met almost one quarter of the entire remaining German army on their Western Front: 47 German divisions against four Canadian divisions. The Canadian Corps fought alongside the Australian Corps and the 51st Highland Division. Together they engaged and defeated some 40 per cent of the German army. The Germans coined a name for them — “shock troops”.

  16. The Forester says:

    In “The Army and Economic Mobilization” (one of the ‘Green books’, or U. S. Army in WWII series), the reason we no longer issue declarations of war as required by the Constitution is made evident. Using powers granted to the Administration by Congress, military suppliers were prevented from profiteering, & in some cases forced to disgorge excessive profits. There is no word strong enough to describe how much they HATED this state of affairs! Both major political parties are now completely controlled by these corporate interests & will not risk having megabucks in campaign contributions go to their opponents instead of themselves by doing anything to stop the current gravy train that results from endless, indecisive military operations.

  17. The Forester says:

    1. Hitler never married until a few hours before his death (I’ve never heard any intimation of Eva Braun’s being anything less than pure Aryan.
    2. Hitler was likely 1/2 Jewish – he was illegitimate; his mother’s employer (a Wealthy Austrian Jew) is assumed to have been his progenitor.

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