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The Fearsome, Flawed Tiger I

By Max Gadney
3/12/2009 • Gear, World War II Weapons Manual

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3 Responses to The Fearsome, Flawed Tiger I

  1. Mike Reese says:

    Hmmm. Wonder where the Sherman Firefly obtained all of that armor? The range it can be killed by the Tiger is half that of a normal Sherman and Cromwell tank. Wonder why? It had the same armor as any Sherman except the M4A3E2 Jumbo.

    IS-2 out-ranged the Tiger I but could the crews hit anything at those ranges? The Germans had very good optics. The Soviets did not. The IS-2 had 28 rounds of main gun ammunition, which took a lot longer to load, being a separate shell and cartridge. Half of these, 14 rounds, would be armor piercing. The Tiger I had 92 rounds with at least half Armor Piercing. The Germans found the IS-2 a tough nut and of course the Soviets had many more IS-2 then the Germans had Tigers. Still – this chart seems flawed..

  2. Malcolm Duncan says:

    It wasn’t the Sherman Firefly’s armor……it was the QF 17 pound gun that the Brits put in.Firing APDS(Armor Piercing Descarding Sabot)rounds it could penetrate the Tiger’s frontal armor at 2000 meters.

  3. Johnny Luo says:

    I think what Mike is asking is how did the Firefly’s armor increase to the point in which the Tiger had to creep to within 1,750 meters to take it out as opposed to 3,300 meters for a conventional Sherman. Many sources I’ve read state that the Firefly’s armor protection was no better than that of a conventional Sherman.

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